April 23, 2014

Welcome to UR Charities!

Imagine loving to create art but you are physically unable to do so without someone’s help.

Ryan's award winning sailboat painting

Imagine wanting to attend an incredible event or workshop or seminar, but you can’t hear.

Imagine being diagnosed with Aspergers syndrome.

Figuring out the new buzz words to use

When I actually take a moment or two to think about words and how they affect people (positively or negatively), it gets me thinking of things in a different way. I try to break them down and see what they REALLY mean and how they might affect me if they were put one way or another. Take the words  ...Read More

Attitude of Gratitude

Giving is Living

Allison Schuster, Owner of Socal Trunkshow, said something on her Facebook page about giving and living and it got me thinking. I have lived on this earth for almost 51 years. It's been an amazing 51 years with a ton of ups and a ton of downs. I realized about 10 years ago that I am at my happiest  ...Read More

UR Charities Thanksgiving

What are you thankful for?

I can’t contain the excitement I feel for having started this charity. Thinking about this past year and how much I have accomplished is making me giddy inside. We are making a difference. Wow – how empowering is that? I am a regular person with regular hopes and regular dreams. The difference  ...Read More

Linda Webb West

Founder/President, Lynda West, talks about founding UR Charities

UR Charities is passionate about and dedicated to filling the needs of kids and adults who have special needs while bringing enjoyment to their lives. I was sitting in an extremely powerful and life-changing 3-day seminar when it hit me.  Bam! There was no sign language interpreter or closed  ...Read More