August 22, 2014

UR Charities Visits DCS Literacy Camp

8/10/2014 - Lynda and Robert arrived at the camp early Sunday, August 10th, and hand delivered a donation check in the amount of $6,480 to cover the minimum cost of the camp. Only 22 campers had registered by the deadline date when the camp had expected 30, so UR Charities paid the difference to make sure the camp went forward as planned. Pictured below are the happy campers posing for us before embarking on a week of fun and learning.

UR Charities Saves 1st Annual DCS Literacy Camp

8/9/2014 - The camp was in danger of being cancelled this year due to low enrollment. Low enrollments are not unusual for the first year of any camp. Deaf literacy camps in other cities have shown rapid growth after the inaugural year. In spite of lower than required enrollment figures, UR Charities guaranteed that the bill would be paid so that the campers who were looking forward to going would not be disappointed. UR Charities founder/president and vice president, Lynda West and Robert Porambo, will visit on the first day of camp to deliver a check covering the entire cost of the camp and to meet some of our happy campers in person. And, it could not have happened without your help.

So, to those of you who have donated online and in person, your time, energy, and resources, and yes, your money... UR Charities sincerely thanks you.

Special thanks go to Ann marie Houghtailing for performing her heart out with her one-woman show, Renegade Princess, for two nights in May 2014; she helped us raise quite a bit.

The first annual Lemon "Aid" event took us over the top. Bakers, vendors, lemon squeezers, judges, carpenters, painters, and other UR Charities volunteers... It took a lot to make this event happen. Lynda and Tricia Daley organized a great event and Tonya Thompson really helped us pull it all together. Next year's event promises to be even better. We're already working on the details.

We're working hard on our fundraisers for next year. Check on our progress right here.

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